Prison order & Security measures

You should respect the internal regulations of the prison and make sure you are not causing any danger to others or to yourself. Otherwise disciplinary sanctions, security measures or even force may be used against you.

The prison administration is responsible for the maintenance of prison order and it must ensure that all prisoners are safe. Therefore, the prison staff can apply disciplinary sanctions, security measures or use force against you in specific situations. However, this must always be done according to law and following strict procedures.

Disciplinary sanctions

Where you have breached the internal rules, the prison administration can initiate disciplinary proceedings against you and punish you with a disciplinary penalty. The most severe punishment you may receive is solitary confinement. 

Security measures and use of force

The prison staff may use special security measures or even force against you if it is necessary for ensuring prison order and to prevent any danger to you or other prisoners. These methods could include handcuffs, truncheons or even firearms in very extreme situations. However, these measures can only be used according to strict rules and only if there are no other, less coercive means to ensure order.

General treatment

These sanctions and measures are only allowed in specific situations which have been caused by your own actions or behaviour. If you follow all of the internal rules of the prison, the staff should respect your dignity and human rights in their work and behaviour. This means that the prison staff cannot subject you to torture or inhumane or degrading treatment, physically or verbally harass you or use unnecessary force against you. The prison staff must also protect you from harassment and harm by other inmates. Learn more about general treatment and safety.

About this section

This section of the Guide will explain the basic rules on disciplinary penalties, use of force and security measures.

Last updated 26/07/2023