Work, Religion, Voting & Daily activities

While you are in prison, you should be given the opportunity to lead your life as normally as possible. This means that there should be sufficient daily activities available to you, including the opportunity to practice your religion, to vote, to study, work and exercise.

Basic activities

Certain minimum basic activities must be guaranteed, such as daily outdoor exercise or the practice of essential religious rituals. However, the extent to which other activities have to be provided depends on the available resources and on your regime in prison.

Daily activities & Human rights

A lack of daily activities, in combination with other inadequate conditions, may lead to physical and mental deterioration and may violate the prohibition against inhumane or degrading treatment. The inability to practice your religion due to your conditions, may violate your freedom of religion.

About this section

This section of the Guide will explain your right to education, work, outdoor exercise and the right to practice your religion and the extent to which you should be able to enjoy them in prison.

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Last updated 27/07/2023